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Journey from Present to Past

Once upon a time, long long time ago – sometime in 2013, a young musafir realized his curiosity and intrigue about the story of his home, Delhi. And then he embarked on a journey to find out her history, her culture, all the secrets and the beautiful pearls of wisdom she is holding within her. He travelled through the spaces where realms of time and memory collapse. He expanded his gaze beyond the written tombs and searched for the untold stories in the hidden nooks and corners.

Little did he know this took him to a new journey. Now he takes his rahgirs through the same Karavan beyond the concepts of time and weaves stories using Delhi’s multiple dynasties and empires as his magic wand. He tries to find meaning in the present by exploring the timeless past, which captures the rooh of Delhi and its people.

Our Activities

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Our Team

Meet Our Meer-e-Karavan

Owner - Asif Khan Dehlvi

Asif Khan Dehlvi

Meer-e-Karavan, Our Storyteller

Growing up in different historic neighborhoods of postcolonial Delhi, our founder, Asif Khan Dehlvi, developed an intimate connection with the stones and remnants of the previous cities of ancient and medieval Delhi. From the mystical atmosphere of the Chirag Dilli dargah to the estranged sardgah of the last Mughal emperor, the city and its rich heritage played a crucial role in nurturing a quiet child’s heart. Soon, Asif began to explore the ancient serpentine alleys of the city that offered a rich kaleidoscope of taste and tradition, and desire and hope. This unparalled sense of belonging to his city transformed into a dream – an urge to acquaint the citizens and tourists with the same resonance he felt with the city’s soul. And, thus, in 2013, out of this dream and imagination was born Delhi Karavan.

As the Meer-e-Karavan (walk-leader and chief storyteller) of his organisation, Asif narrates stories, that encompass the built heritage and living traditions from different eras of Delhi’s past, ensuring these stories live on in the collective memories of generations to come. He not only walks you through the temporal history of Delhi but offers a rich experience of the composite culture and sensory heritage that the city has been bestowed with.


What People Say...

Nekait Arora

My first instance of attending this event has been, the organizer Asif bhai knows how to storytell and how to keep the nerves correct as well as wrecked at the same time. Fantastic, interesting and at the same time informative.

Not a history student though, but if my teacher in high school taught history this way, I would have been a in this domain myself, maybe an archeologist or a historian, or God knows, even a storyteller 😛

Testimonial - 1 - profile

Pragya S

मोहब्बत-ए-दिल्ली ना होता मुमकिन गर ये ‘कारवां’ ना होता। Walks hosted by Delhi Karavan stirs your imagination and helps you visualise the transition of Delhi. There is a story behind every wall of the city, which kept on accepting various rulers. These stories are well narrated by Delhi Karavan. Highly recommend for those who have stopped loving Delhi for a plethora of reasons.
चलता रहे ये कारवां

Testimonial - 2 - profile

Sana Khan

In these times where a crowd is jostling to offer the same, I am glad Delhi Karavan always adapts to better understand the enthusiast’s pulse.

If you are someone who is even remotely interested in engaging with heritage and culture, do make it a point to participate in what Delhi Karavan has to offer. You will not be disappointed. Also, you will return from here with a perspective about your self.

Komal Sikka

If you want to live an era gone by, don’t miss these weekend walks by Delhi Karavan. The story telling sessions will make sure you are mentally transported to the time of those monuments, that the monuments are talking to you and telling you their own stories!

A must-have experience if you are in/visiting Delhi.

Testimonial - 4a - profile

Himanshi Batra

If there’s a word that I can use to describe my experience with Delhi Karavan, it would be ‘magical’.

A walk into the past that is going to open so many new doors of stories for you!
If you’re in or around Delhi, the Delhi Karavan walk should be on your list for sure!

Testimonial - 3 - profile

Nina Saxena

Asif has perfected the art of storytelling, combined it beautifully with historical facts, interesting & often less known places of our city to visit and an affable & easy manner which makes one appreciate our rich cultural heritage! If you have time on your hands, and an interest in knowing your city, Delhi Karavan is a great choice to go on a walk with!

Testimonial - 4 - profile

Manil Mayank Mishra

Its a unique initiative beyond books yet equally literary. .Delhi has been more understandable with Delhi Karavan..indeed.. 🙂

Testimonial - 5 - profile

Manjul Sharma

Awesome start of the day with Delhi Karwan, superb story telling skills, mind blowing cultural walk, mesmerising meeting with “Mirja Galib”.
Super job team Delhi karwan.
Had an awesome time with you guys, I’ll come back for sure, & I recommend everyone to have awesome walk with Delhi Karwan.
#timetravell #Richhistory #proud #mesmerised #delhikarwan #Musafir

Testimonial - 6 - profile

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