Dastan e Mohabbat ( Story of Ranadil)

Jor Bangla( Art Boutique) and Calcuta Karavan present Season’s first Dastangoi Baithak .
Dastan e Mohabbat ( Story of Ranadil)

Dastango : Suparna Teesta
Vocal : Rishita
Venue JOR BANGLA , 9/2 Fern Road , Kolkata 700019
Contact : 8240685226

Date : 20 January 24
Time: 6:30pm

About the Baithak

Story of a daring and passionate street dancer of Agra about whom Jahanara Begum had also written in her memoirs is the central theme of the Baithak.

A scholar and Sufi mystic Shahzada Darashukoh fell in love with the street dancer . This bold and beautiful orphan nautch girl Ranadil remained staunch and steady even before Emperor Aurangzeb who maltreated her.

Story of two lovers from two different background , their passion and romance will keep you enthralled throughout the Baithak.

Dastan e Mohabbat ( Story of Ranadil)
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