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Heritage Walk at Khorramabad

Jahanpanah or “the Refuge of the World”, established in the 14th century as the capital by the more infamous Sultan because of his destructive policies – Muhammad bin Tughluq, became the fourth city in the long and chequered history of Delhi. In this walk, we shall explore the history and stories of the cluster of […]

Heritage Walk at Purana Qila

Within Delhi’s bustling streets lies the serene yet evocative Purana Qila (Old Fort). Its weathered battlements and crumbling walls conceal historical tales of triumph and tribulation. Once the heart of Dinpanah, the now neglected nooks of the fort house remnants of grandeur in shambles. Join Delhi Karavan this weekend to step into this historical enclave, […]

Walking on Lost Trails: Heritage Walk at Mehrauli Archaeological Park

Let us walk down some forgotten, winding serpentine paths dotted with rows of ruins with their arches and collapsed roofs peeping through the grass and shrubbery, and explore the unexplored this time. This trail will take you on yet another thrilling journey to explore the city within cities, accompanied by an interesting session of storytelling […]

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